3.1.1 Problem Definition

3.1.1 Problem definition
The problem definition is described here including the scoping of the problem. Specifically the architectural project
that will be used for this research, which will include a problem statement, project program and site description. This
section also describes the objectives in the form of a value statement at the beginning of the case study project

• Problem statement: Design a pavilion representing a collaboration between man and machine. This pavilion
should represent the issues discussed in the Introduction (Section 1.0), namely a building that recognizes and
responds to its historical and present context. This project should address the complexity inherent in urban design
such as its: urban, sociological, technological, economical and ecological dimensions.

• Project program: 2000 sq. ft. approx. Gallery space for exhibitions, sitting area. Small event space (50 people) for
talks / lectures / multi media events. Public bathrooms and small staff kitchen and staff dining area and mechanical
and storage area.

• Site description: Median of Park Avenue between 52nd and 53rd streets in New York City. This is presently an
inaccessible median with plantings and no pedestrian access. The site is located between a: McKim, Mead and
White building (Racquet and Tennis Club); a Mies Van Der Rohe building (Seagram Building); and a Skidmore
Owings & Merrill building (Lever House) (Fig. 3.1.2).